Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Deep Fried Friday ...

Arghh .. oh good lord (or Jesus I should say on this occasion) .. I have been trying to proof read this and post it for many days.. so here it is, full of deeeep fried goodness ...

Well I am the first to admit that I am not the most religious person in the world, I did go to an all girls Catholic school for most of my schooling life .. hmm .. maybe that's what has made me not so religious?! After all, having to go to mass as an adolescent child against my will … I mean honestly, there could only be a handful of people that could only embrace it!

Who knows, each to there own I say ...but I do know that each year I look forward to Easter, well, Easter Friday in particular!!

3 years ago when I was pregnant for the first time we were living in Western Australia & I was craving some fresh fish and chips from home.. we are so lucky in Tassie having, and from my own personal experience I may add - we have the best fresh fish and chips in the world!!

Well to me, even though Perth, WA has ocean front views - their seafood (compared to what I’m used to) was pretty crap!!

So being pregnant and all I was desperate for some fresh fish and chips (just like home) so we decided to do what some people would deem "should be illegal" (haha, actual words of one of my health conscious friends a few years ago!! Haha) ... and we bought a DEEP FRYER!!!

Haha!! Not just any deep fryer ... but the best one we could get our hands on (believe it or not they are not in great demand these days and there is not a great selection about)

Our loyal deep fryer (We really need to give this baby a name!!) lives in the box that she came in (in her 'dungeon' I say) and she makes an appearance each year (I wrap her back up in her plastic so she is like brand new every year) ... on Deep Fried Friday!! (Or to those that are religious, the day that Jesus died on the cross ... so I think from all those years of expensive schooling in an all girls school - god, I hope I got that right Sister Doreen & Sister Joseph!!?? I also hope that you are not reading my blog, if you can still read, you must be about 100 by now I would think!?? May god bless you!! x)

Well, that year in WA we had the best deep fried fry up of fresh fish and chips ... and this is now the 3rd year in a row that we have had Deep Fried Friday!!

So although we may not be religious, we appreciate being able to celebrate with our loved ones the goodness of deep fried food ... with sooooo many calories, all golden and crunchy and delicious from sizzling in all that golden fat!!

Hahaha ... I totally don’t condone having a deep fryer as a regular kitchen appliance - but damn, I do love getting our deep fryer out of her dungeon every year for Deep Fried Friday!! And I hope that she will be around for many years to come!!!

So that is what Easter (well Good Friday) means to me ,,. this year we celebrated our deep friend goodness with our little family of 4, my 2 sisters and my brother in-law (& Jimmy's BFF - ironically) - so although we did not praise Jesus for dying on the cross - we praised scientific research of high cholesterol and saturated fat for telling us how utterly bad it is for us & for deeming a deep fryer such a taboo thing to have ... for this we love and appreciate this day every year!!

I hope you all had a great Easter - so from our family to yours Happy Easter beautiful.

May god bless you - or if you are not religious - may you have something to be grateful for (it may even be a deep fried dim sim or two!!
                                   :) xX


PS. I am doing an 8 week experiment and have banned myself from SUGAR!!!Arghhh!! I am forever telling everyone not to feed our babies sugar and highly processed crap - so I am practising what I preach and banning myself from it so I can see really how much difference it makes!! I will keep you posted!

I did it for 7 days and lost 3.5 kilos and felt like I was on top of the world - allowed myself chocolate over Easter (which was the plan all along), but am now going to stick to the 8 week experiment! I am pretty excited about it after the amount of enery i had last week, and only after one week!!)

Here's some food for thought .... 1 teaspoon of sugar shuts down your immune system for 5 whole hours ... imagine what a can of coke (with 18 teasponns) would do to your body!!Just sayin' !!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

My CRAPPY day ...

FINALLY I have 2 children in bed!!!!

So today has been one of those days ... well, I shouldnt write off the whole day - maybe just this afternoon!!

I think the majority of this afternoon I have had both girls (Miss 9 months - Audrey & Miss 2.5  - Evie) screaming (usually both at the same time)

Audrey is teething so badly that I can't even get a few feet from her without her getting absolutely hysterical!! I feel for the poor little babe, she seems to be in so much pain. I also feel for myself. I would say that out of the whole day ... lets see she woke at 6.30 am and then went to bed tonight at 6.30pm - so that's 12 hours ... hmm, she would have been literally attached to me for I would say about 8 hours or so, give or take during the day!!!

I mean honestly how can this not drive a person to absolute insanity!!!!!???? Arghh, constant sucking on my boobs ALL day!!!! The only way that I could even get her to sleep was to just sit there & let her suck ... and suck .... and suck ALL my energy out of me .... then when she would finally start to nodd of I would gently get her off me only for her to stir and latch straight back on .... dont get me wrong, breast feeding is a beautiful thing but you have got to be kidding me!!

Well anyway - this has gone on all day, infact it has been going on for quite a few days actually ... when someone looks at me any moment of the day, 9 times out of 10 I have a baby attached to my boob!! Bahaha!! Yep lovin' life!!

To get back to my story ....

Hold on ... I can hear Evie screaming out about something (be right back) ...

Well that took me about half an hour to get Evie back to sleep (her special cuddly toy "Coco"  has mysteriously disappeared god dammit & she is not settling well without it! I have searched high & low for it too!! Arghhh!! Her screaming woke Audrey up, whom I had to then feed to get her back to sleep ....

... ok, so where was I????  Oh yep, So I managed to get Audrey to have a quick nap in her own bed this afternoon (it only lasted 20 minutes - but 20 minutes with free boobs is like freedom right now!! woo! Haha) ... our house looked like (& still does) a tornado has gone through it, but I needed to get out in the fresh air to get a bit of sanity back. I havent picked up dog poo for a couple of days (we have 2 crazy dogs) so I thought I may as well do something while I was outside.

It's been such an amazing day today that Evie was pretty stoked to get out in the fresh air too. We put her sandles on and she toddled off while I set about on my mission to pick up the poo. Now she is such SUCH a Virgo and cant deal with getting dirt/mess on her ... within a few minutes she was carrying on that her shoes were dirty (they were not) so she took them off and keep toddling about. I warned her that she might tread on something without her shoes on but she didint listen (never does).

Well I ended up picking up a MASSIVE bag of poo and was just about finished when ......  ARrgHGHHHHGHGHGHHHH ....... the worst scream that I had ever heard, it sounded like Evie was being murdered (she is SUCH a drama queen) .,.. I immediately went into protective mum mode ASAP & ran to her as fast as I could, flung the bag FULL of shit that went flying trhrough the air & bolted to her ... only to find that she had stepped on a nail ... ,literally just stepped on the bloody thing ... it HAD NOT gone through her foot, it HAD NOT even hurt her .. and it was tiny!!!!

For god sakes ... I brushed her off, threw the nail away (that I doubt would have done any damage had she of stepped on it anyway) and then looked back at my now  EMPTY bag of poo ... NOOOoooo - there was, and still is SHIT all over the place!!  And I must have flung the bag with quite a bit of force becuase it has actually splattered in some places so I am now going to have to literally scrap it off!! Bahaha!! FML!!! (Just incase you dont know what that acronym stands for ... its Fuck My Life!! Hahaha)

To make matters worse Evie's massive overreaction had woken up her baby sister ... so I did not have time to pick all that shit up!! Infact I am just about to do that now. I am just trying to work out if I clean up all the mess from the tornado first or the dog crap!!

Even though I dont smoke I do have one single cigarette stashed in our junk drawer and I am going to smoke it right now ... before or after the tornado of toys and the dog shit I am not sure of yet!!??

Bahaha ... I can see the funny side of things now but I tell you what today I was ready to ... well I am not really sure?? Do they have some sort of a helpline for poeople like me?? When I was little I remember there used to be all those stickers on pay phones and about the place for the number of the kids helpline ... well I needed the equivilent today!!

HAHAHAhhaha .... oh  fuck me!!!!

Has anyone else had a CRAPPY day!!?? Please do share!!

:) xX

Monday, 2 April 2012

Reminiscing ...

I popped in and visited my Aunty this afternoon, who has been in the process of selling  her house so has just packed up a whole heap of stuff that she has been storing for a few years ...

She actually found a book that I wrote for her in 1991 - so I would have been, hmm ... just let me work it out ... 9 years old!!

Growing up I really wanted to be a children's book writer & illustrator - just thought I would share this with you ...

Back then I used to spend hours & hours making little books like this! Ahh, such big dreams back then ... ahh, reminiscing!!

(sorry - its a little hard to read ... it has been sitting around for the past 21 years & has faded a bit)

:) xX