Thursday, 31 January 2013

14 days ...

14 days is what I have to make all that has happened, and all that i have been feeling a positive thing.

I believe that things happen for a reason. Another baby would have been a welcome blessing but it was really bad timing for us.

Maybe I needed to realise that I can be living my life more than simply being in it.

I have taken up the Skinny-me-tea 14 day detox.

I need to drink a detox tea each morning and then a '├žolon cleanse' tea every second night .... {i am not sure why i am writing in italic.? it is so frustrating because my computer keeps freezing & it wont let me change it} ...

I have just taken my #day1photos -  I will post them all in 14 days at the end!! (my PC is playing up and i cant upload any pics now)

... after some shutting down and restarting of my pc I am now able to change my font from italic but am still having issues uploading photos.

I wil sit down in the next couple of days and try and work out whats going on (its been happening the last couple of posts) #grrrrrrrrrr

:) xX

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